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Your hormones will either make you feel like crap, or like a rock-star.


The key is to get them working for you, not against you. 

Be a woman who is in the process of learning to know, accept and love herself on all levels, mind, body and soul.

Do you struggle to recognise the woman in the mirror?

Do you find it hard to make your health & wellness a priority?

Do you wonder whether you're in perimenopause?

Health Coach Sharan Kafoa

Hi, I'm Sharan

I'm a Holistic Women's Health Coach specialising in hormones and natural anti-aging solutions based in Melbourne, Australia.

My goal is that women everywhere get the information they deserve, and need, to make the best decisions for themselves. I love empowering women to cut through the noise and hype of health, and help them figure out how to make health work FOR them, on a daily basis, without the confusion.

I'd love to help you Preserve the Goddess within.

Does this sound familiar?
  • If someone asks you how you are, you always answer “so busy” or “so stressed”;

  • You can't remember what you did yesterday;

  • You often feel tired, yet wired at the same time;

  • Sleep is hard, and often not restful;

  • You'll tell yourself that time to yourself is selfish or a luxury;

  • Often have digestive issues like bloating;

  • Have mental fuzziness or brain fog;

  • Have guilt as your best friend;

  • You justify buying the muffin or bag of chips by telling yourself you’ll go to the gym later (but you don’t);

  • You tell yourself you’re too busy to eat a proper meal, but make sure the rest of the family eats well;

  • Do you feel helpless, that you can’t change anything?

Are you ready to thrive?
To flourish?
To feel vibrant and alive?

I'd love to hear from you

Sharan becomes invested in you. In her I found not only a well being coach but a friend and someone I can turn to and share my good days and bad days. She has a gentle calming warmth about her that evokes trust and confidence right away.

I thank the Universe for connecting us as she has given me practical tools to use to change my way of thinking.

Kim W-D


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