I didn't always look like this!

I was 13kgs heavier, frustrated, fed-up and miserable. I didn't know who I was or where to turn to!

After spending 20+ years in the corporate world, I found myself run down, burned out, exhausted and sick. Unfortunately I'd ignored all the signs my body had been giving me over the years until it finally had had enough and forced me to do something.

Strange thing is, I was eating pretty well, and we had a fairly active life outdoors.


What happened? I nearly collapsed at a traffic light walking to work one morning. I was so anaemic and run down that my body just gave up. And then one morning I woke up and I was having trouble breathing . . .


Instinctively I knew I needed to change things, I just didn't really know how. It took several years. medical appointments, many set backs. miscarriages and challenges, before I made a break through and started on my personal wellness journey.

I became an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach in part because of this. Because I see so many women doing exactly what I did! 


My passion is supporting women who are exhausted, burned out, struggling to manage the day to day, or those who are just wondering where their body went (because the one looking back at them in the mirror sure as hell wasn't there earlier!!).

I bring all of that knowledge, and my experience, of being a mother at 40, and all of my hormonal and autoimmune challenges over the years, to my work with my clients.

I want women to fall in love with themselves, to live a healthy life and to thrive.

My mission is to empower women to have a better relationship with themselves, to live a life full of energy, to feel in control of their health and weight, and to have confidence to take control of how they feel.

Every woman is a Goddess, sometimes she just
needs a bit of help to find her again!